FRP professionals

Toyugiken has built up forty years of experience in FRP technology.

As a factory exemplifying Japan's involvement in FRP molding using the hand lay-up method, we are engaged in developing new technologies and production methods, striving to improve our workmanship and meet our customers' needs.


photo: Keiichi Shirakawa


Beauty and precision previously unknown.

The world of 0.5mm dimensional accuracy.

Our company is a manufacturer and designer of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of fiber reinforced plastic products. Over the 40 years since the company's foundation our company has accumulated a wide range of knowhow in regard to fiber reinforced plastics.

In order to challenge any needs of our customers, we are continually striving to research and develop new technologies and manufacturing processes while raising the level of our skills.

custom order

Anybody can experience the enjoyment of creating whatever product they want, employing new shapes, and in any volume.

From panels that keep snow off broadcasting tower, to components for hobbyist models, we take the utmost care in meeting the needs of all of our customers, from large corporations to individuals.

speedy service

Reassurance that comes from remaining unchanging.

A big difference born from accumulation of endless endeavors.

We provide a safe product that is of higher quality in a shorter duration; enabled by our endless endeavor in unifying our flow process, flexibility of our production management, speed of material procurement and the speed with which all of our staff move.